Al-Raee Hospital

Al-Raee Hospital is a project of Anjuman-Al-Raee Gujranwala. It was founded by Haji Ghulam Nabi Mujahid, Haji Muhammad Bashir and Haji Saeed Akhtar in 1981. Since then it has been efficiently serving the underserved communities of the Gujranwala city.Current administration includes: Patron in chief – Haji Muhammad Anwar; President – Haji Muhammad Bashir; Sr. Vice President – Chaudhry Suhail Akhtar; Secretary General – Choudhry Burhan-ud-Din advocate.The hospital boasts a busy emergency along with OPD, Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Eye, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Gynaecology&Obstetrics departments. There is a comprehensive in-house laboratory and radiology department offering ultrasound, X-rays and blood bank services. TB DOTS program is another successful service at Al-Raee Hospital.We have over 300000 patients, and 6000 surgeries annually. There are 76 in-patient beds. PARSA Trust has set up a comprehensive Liver Clinic within the premesis of this hospital.

Project ECHO

Project ECHOTM is a dynamic project to treat the underserved patients across the world. The goal of this program is to increase the capacity of primary care providers to safely and effectively treat chronic, common, and complex conditions. Project ECHO, through the use of technology, education and research, demonopolizes knowledge and amplifies the capacity to provide best practice care for people all over the world. Project ECHO’s, an innovative educational program developed at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. This collaboration will assist in expanding access to specialty care by increasing capabilities of primary care providers, improve the health of the beneficiary population, decrease cost associated with chronic disease care, and ensure a ready medical force. Project ECHO utilizes a “hub and spoke” structure to expand the role of primary care in treating these conditions. The service hubs will be designated depending on the chosen condition and location of subject matter experts.

HRSF (Human Relief and Support Fund)

HRSF is registered not for profit charity organization in Australia (ABN: 31 146 883 550). Under our “Save A Life” program, the aim is to fight against deadly Hepatitis C virus which is estimated to infect over 8 million people is Pakistan. As Hepatitis C infection might result ultimately in liver cancer and death if untreated, under “Save A Life” program we aim to save lives of deserving patients by providing free medical treatment. HRSF and PARSA Trust have partnered in eliminating hepatitis in Pakistan. HRSF wishes to support in terms of screening and treatment of patients suffering from Hepatitis.


Umang Pakistan is a 24/7 mental health helpline that provides free of cost therapy via Clinical Psychologists. Recognized by World Health Organisation (WHO) and registered as safety partners of Facebook and Instagram as a mental health resource from Pakistan. Umang Pakistan cares about your mental health well-being and wants to improve the lives of those with mental illnesses. PARSA Trust and Umang have partnered to raise funds together and further the cause of mental health well-being in Pakistan.

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PROPERA (Pakistan Retinopathy Of Prematurity Educational & Research Alliance) was created in 2013 to build human resource and infrastructure needed to fight the 3rd Epidemic of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) that occurs in developing countries as described by Dr. Gilbert. The Program was conceived by Dr. Umar K Mian, Prof. Muhammad Moin, Dr. Naseer Mahmood. The aim is to create awareness and start screening programs in public hospitals to treat patients and understand the disease in Pakistan. We wish to to create initial screening criteria and oxygen protocols criteria and to gather data on disease burden and to establish the PROPERA network in NICUs all over the country. In 2013 as far as we knew there were only 2 hospitals in Pakistan that were routinely screening ROP babies. We were extremely lucky to find wonderful partners institutions and doctors who started screening programs in their hospitals. Prof. Alyscia Cheema & Prof. Jamal Raza at JPMC at NICH, Karachi, Prof. Sorath Noorani and Dr. Shireen Gul at Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital & PIMS Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Prof. Muhammad Moin & Prof. Agha Shabbir Ali at Lahore General Hospital, Lahore with guidance from Dr. Khurram Mirza & Prof Sajid Maqbool, Dr. Ahsan Mukhtar & Talal Waqar. We have built a network of partner hospitals across Pakistan who are providing screening and treatment service to all such patients. PROPERA has signed an MOU with the PARSA Trust® to raise funds and extend the program to all parts of Pakistan.


Innovations in Healthcare Advocacy, Research and Training (I-HART) is an innovative full service global partner offering total health care solutions across the spectrum of medical education, research, healthcare planning, strategy, operations, implementation and quality improvement, assurance and control. I-HART is dedicated to providing transformative and unique solutions to all sectors of the healthcare industry. Potential organizations/clients who can benefit from I-HART include academic health centers, medical schools/colleges, hospitals, clinics/polyclinics, pharmaceutical companies, consultancy firms, governments and non-governmental organizations. We have experience working in over 30 countries and represent leadership in high performing health care systems across the globe. We have experience in education, research, healthcare delivery, global health, program development and corporate leadership and governance. We have worked in developing, managing, evaluating and operating health systems, healthcare organizations and educational programs. We have provided support and consultative services to governments, non-governmental organizations, professional societies, academic institutions and other organizations. Our programs and solutions are evidence-based, goal-oriented, results-driven and customized to our partners’ needs. We do not believe in transporting solutions from one setting to another (the copy-paste solutions); rather, we evaluate each system individually in close association with our partner and tailor our solutions to the unique needs and settings of our partners.