Ch. Sohail Akhtar

To me PARSA Trust is a dream come true. Over the years we have dreamt about setting up a healthcare facility where as someone said “One can’t be denied treatment simple because of non-affordability”. At PARSA, our vision is to serve everyone and ensure quality treatment. At present, we are catering for patients with liver disease, but our team has risen to meet the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic. ‘PARSA ECHO COVID RESPONSE’ aims at provision of free services to COVID-19 patients and capacity building among the primary care physicians across Pakistan. I’m thankful to my PARSA team, Project ECHO, donors and patients for their trust and support.

Chairman’s Message (Ch.Sohail Akhtar)
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TED & Gilead Partnership on the Hepatitis C Epidemic in Pakistan


PARSA Mission Statement

We are committed to provide Healthcare of the Highest Quality in a Compassionate, Friendly and Professional Environment to patients of all socioeconomic strata. We are committed to contribute to the Prevention and Cure of Hepatitis and Promote Research and Educational Programs in this regard. We are committed to set up a Clinic where no patient is denied treatment simply because he cannot afford.

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PARSA Trust "Board Of Trustees"

Ch. Sohail Akhtar
(Chairman PARSA Trust)
Dr. Asad Ali Chaudhary
(Vice Chairman)
Tabarak Hussain Advocate